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MyBubble FAQs

What is My Bubble? – and how to use it
What is MyBubble?

A. MyBubble is our online account management portal for Gadget, Bicycle and Jewellery policyholders. 

Depending on what type of policy you hold with us, you can use this portal for a range of self-serve tasks online.

Gadget customers who have purchased or renewed a policy after 1st November 2012 can: 

  • View your Gadget policy documents
  • Make a claim
  • Change personal details and update your bank details for monthly payers.  

Bicycle customers who have bought a new policy after 19th June 2013 can:

  • View your Bicycle policy documents
  • Make a claim
  • Change your personal details and update your bank details for monthly customers

Jewellery customers can: 

  • View your Jewellery policy documents 

To get started, simply register your account with the exact details you used to originally buy your policy. To access MyBubble on return visits, simply use the “Login/Register" link in the top right-hand corner of our homepage.

How do I register to use MyBubble?

You will need to provide your First Name, Surname, Email and Date of Birth, which were used to buy your policies.

When I try to register, the system can not find me?

It may be that you have entered something differently to what you used when you first set up the policy. Try once more, and if you still aren't able to register, please call the Customer Services team: 
Gadget policies - 0330 333 4792 
Bicycle policies - 0333 220 0792

Why can I not see some of my policies?

Currently, you will only be able to view Gadget, Bicycle and Jewellery policies through MyBubble. 
Your policies are linked to the information you used to purchase them. If you have purchased multiple policies and have used different information ( First Name, Surname, Email or Date of Birth) we will be unable to link them together. We can help change email or Date of Birth Information linked to your policies in some instances. Call us on the following numbers to see if we can.
Gadget policies - 0330 333 4792 
Bicycle policies - 0333 220 0792

You can register multiple times using the policy holder information you typed in when you first bought the policies to enable you to service all your policies.

What do I do if I didn't verify my registration by clicking on the email you sent to me?

If you still have the email we sent to you asking you to verify your registration, then please click on the link contained within it. If you no longer have the email, please register your details again. You should see a message that says you still need to verify your account, and it will ask if you want the email resent.

I can't remember my password?

Don't worry; you can change your password here Just follow the instructions on screen.

I can't remember my Username?

Don't worry, we can send you a reminder. Just click here and follow the instructions on screen.

I want to change my personal details

You can change your email address, postal address, and phone number in MyBubble. Please note once changed your details will update immediately in MyBubble. However, it may take up to 24 hours for these details to be updated in our administration system.

For Customers with a Gadget policy purchased before 3rd May 2011

Customers who bought a Gadget policy before 3rd May 2011 will not be able to manage their policy online. This is because policies purchased before this date are administered by Supercover Insurance Ltd.

I want to submit a claim

You can submit a Gadget claim, or Bicycle theft claim, in MyBubble. We will allow you to save and retrieve the claim for up to 30 days. If the claim remains inactive for 30 days, it will be deleted from our systems. This doesn't mean you are no longer able to claim, it just means you will have to start your claim again. 

Please note: Once you submit a claim you will no longer be able to retrieve or edit the claim. Therefore, it is very important you carefully check the claim information you have provided before you submit it. 

Once we receive your claim we will review the information you have submitted. Depending on the type of claim, we will probably require additional information such as Proof of ownership, Police Crime Reference numbers and Proof of Usage for phones. For bicycle claims we may require receipts for any custom work you've had completed and for an approved bike lock. We will let you know what is required via email and inform you of the steps required to finalise your claim. 

For Jewellery claims please call us on: 03300 412 188 (lines are open Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:30pm)
Emailing us at:

Renewing your policy

For monthly payments we will email you before the end of your contract to remind you that your Insurance contract will continue – unless you let us know you don’t want to.
For customers with annual payments, we will email you a month before your policy is due to expire with a link to our online renewal system where you will be able to renew your policy directly. 
If you have any problems – or want to talk to us about your renewal you can call our customer services teams on the numbers below:
Gadget policies – 0330 333 4792
Bicycle policies – 0333 220 0792

Amending your policy

Currently if you want to amend your policy you will have to call us while we develop functionality to enable this in MyBubble. 
Please call customer services on the numbers below 
Gadget policies – 0330 333 4792 
Bicycle policies – 0333 220 0792
Jewellery policies - 0333 456 0546

Cancelling your policy

If you want to cancel your policy please call or email on the details below. If emailing please include confirmation of your instructions – including policy details (Number / policy holder name / address)

Please call customer services on the numbers below:
Gadget policies - 0330 333 4792
Lines are open Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm

Bicycle policies - 0333 220 0792 
Lines are open Mon-Fri 8am - 8pm & Sat-Sun 9am - 6pm

Jewellery policies – 0333 456 0546
Lines are open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

I want to add another item / policy

If you want to add another gadget or bicycle to an existing policy please call us to arrange. 
Gadget policies - 0330 333 4792 
Bicycle policies - 0333 220 0792
Jewellery policies - 0333 456 0546

Where you buy multiple gadget / bicycle cover we offer a discount so you can save money on your original policy as well.
If you have a gadget policy and want to add a bicycle policy – or the other way round - you currently need to purchase a complete new policy. As long as you use the same personal information to purchase then they will both be available together in MyBubble.
Please note, none of our other products are available to service yet in MyBubble, and you will find contact numbers and emails for sales and customer services in our main sales site.

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